2016 Oregon State Beavers Football Preview, Questions

2016 Oregon State Beavers Football Preview, Questions

By Con / PNW Sports Fans

Friends, family, fair weather fans, fanatics and just plain fans, we at PNWSports have been delayed on posting about what brought us all together in the first place, Oregon State football. Our apologies but it has been hard for us, so BACK OFF!

In the coming weeks you will hear about every position from quarterback to long snapper, to running back to short snapper. You will hear honesty, optimism but realism. Too many times we have seen others use the same repetitive language, analogies, vague detail and false optimism when it comes to Oregon State football (cough cough OregonLive writers)

We are here for a new perspective on everything we write that is a mix of fanatical fan experience, die and cry with your team but realism that some papers just refuse to write or are uneducated to write. Again looking at you Gina, Danny and friends.

Another topic of concern regarding college anything previews is we here at PNWSports stay true to our beliefs that any five star recruit equals a zero star until they prove it on the field. We will mention recruits and frosh that are on campus in our position reviews but we will not give false hope on players who have played the same amount of college snaps that we all have. Needless to say we are sick and tired of writers claiming that some freshy out of high school who weighs slightly more than our own Brian, can catch a pass over the middle with Al Afalava seeking to decapitate him. (or the bus stop) That all being said we will convey our observations of seeing endless practices and who to “watch for” in the newcomers, contributors, etc. but you will never hear us state “his high school coach said he will change the team.”

A few burning topics that we will discuss aside from every position review will be: Will we win more than three games this year? Will Kevin Clune actually bring a blitz not just sit back and get dookied on? How will Gary coaching the d-line impact that position? 3-4 or 4-3? Will Dave Baldwin die of a diet coke overdose? Will Vitamin J be done after this season? Did our beloved Mike Riley really leave us with only ten Pac-12 caliber players? How long will Gary’s rebuild take? Can I get into the Terrace? WTF is the Terrace?

We will give you all just a taste of our thoughts on each position group.

Special Teams: Gary said we have an elite punter…

Corner Backs: One is 5’9″ , one is 6’2″ which side will opponents throw to?

Safeties: No more Cereal please…Our best recruit Shuro… Oh wait…

Linebackers: Mayonnaise (Manase Hungalu) will be key

Defensive Line: Elu Aydon… You heard it here first.

Offensive Line: No IKE, No problem.

Wide Receivers: One word, one letter: Vitamin J

Running Backs: 100% improved, weather forecast says no chance of storms

Quarterbacks: ………………

Tight Ends: I guess DT and TE are really the same position? Good riddance Caleb.

R-Back: Yeah idk either…

Offensive Coaching: Will the Ram run wild or be Cooked?

Defensive Coaching: What is defensive identity?

Special Teams Coaching: Like Gary says, will it produce a game changing play?

Ask questions that you want to be answered via Twitter or comments and we will spin them. Remember people, this was just a preview of a preview. Stay tuned.

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Who We Are

You guessed it, we are passionate (sometimes to a fault) sports fans right here in the Pacific Northwest. Not quite enough? Maybe a little more background? We are three friends in our Twenties who were born and raised in Oregon. Though we wouldn’t all meet until college it didn’t take long to learn we all had the same sickness. We couldn’t watch enough sports. Blazers, Beavers, Mariners and Seahawks. If you want to find out what we’re doing in our spare time it probably involves a sentence with at least one of those words in it.

We all go through life, not just casually watching our favorite teams, but living and dying with them through each and every game. Whether it was the unimaginable high of the Seahawks dominating Super Bowl 48 after nearly 40 years of futility, or the depressing low of that fateful goal line play in Super Bowl 49. Even presently, the mere uttering of Malcom Butler’s name is usually followed by us projectile vomiting.

We remember 116 wins by the M’s. We also remember asking our dad’s how they could’ve possibly lost to the Yankees in the ALCS that same year. Four games to one no less.

Blazers? Yeah we came of age during the “jailblazer”era. So take that as you will. But don’t roll your eyes or you’ll end up with a dumbbell to the back of your head like Chris Dudley. We remember how stacked that 2000 team was and the unmatched cast of characters that made each and every game must see TV. We remember the heartbreak of the conference finals that same year. The lasting image of  Shaq’s giant pointer fingers extended to the sky following the alley oop of “he who shall not be named” (we hope retirement blows).

And of course the Beavs. The team that first brought us all together in college. From football in 2000, to the back to back College World Series Championships, to ending a 25 year NCAA tournament drought in basketball. The Beavers have brought us some incredible moments. However to stick with the preceding theme, character is built in the valley. Quite literally for Beaver fans, in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Let’s see there was the UW game in 2000 that derailed the national championship train, not to mention a couple of losses to FCS schools to open up football seasons. Baseball has been pretty solid in our lifetimes, but there have been some rough patches, such as losing our own regional after being ranked #1 in the final national poll. Oh, and basketball…. the low point there would be the fact that we we’re allowed to actually have a team from 1991-2015. GARBAGE! Looking at you Craig.

Enough of the getting to know us and our proudest sports moments and scars. Here’s what we will bring to the table. Unfiltered and candid analysis and opinions regarding our favorite teams. We aren’t going to use the media clichés or give you the easy answers. We are going to say exactly how we feel, because we’re fans and nobody is paying us. We are doing this because we love sports and we love our local teams. Except the Ducks… read the Oregonian or the Registered Guard if that’s what you’re looking for. So if you like these teams but you’re sick of the same old sports analysis from those just towing the company line, go ahead and read our blog. Or follow us on twitter @PNWSportsFans. Or don’t. Doesn’t make a difference to us.

Grace and Peace,

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