Mariners Post Trade Deadline Update

Mariners Post Trade Deadline Update

The trade deadline has now come and gone and this the team the M’s will have as they attempt to end the playoff drought. As of this morning, the M’s are 2.5 games back of the 2nd wild card spot held currently by the Royals. A brutal August schedule in terms of games on the road is under way. Despite only 6 games at home, the M’s do not have the toughest of schedules and it should be reasonable to expect them to go 16-11 in the month. This would be a drastic improvement compared to their 22-26 record on the year on the road thus far and would be the best month of baseball for the club.

Despite Paxton having an unreal month in July and showing why many see him as a #1 starter, the M’s starting pitching will not be striking fear in any of these teams when Ramirez and Gallardo are on the bump. Jerry attempted to combat this by dealing a couple of prospects for David Phelps in an attempt to bolster the bullpen and Diaz appears to have righted the ship with a great month on July (0.951 WHIP and 13.8 SO/9). If Pazos can regain the command he had in April and May and Zych continues to throw heat, we could have a chance to make up for shaky starts from the back-end of the rotation. But no matter what we do, what is going to carry the Mariners to the playoffs is their bats.

The M’s have one of the best 1-2-3-4-5 lineups in the MLB. Cruz, at the age of 36, is having a season similar to his other two in Seattle with an 130 OPS+ and is on track to have more RBIs than any other year. Segura is  setting the table for these guys while matching the year he had last year in AZ, with .322 BA and over 100 hits thus year.  Seager and Cano are there usual selves, hitting for average and power. And the new kid on the block, Gamel, continues to hold his own out there with a .333 OBP. Even the  of the lineup is holding up well for the team.

One of the things I believe the team can change when it comes to their approach, is to be more aggressive on first pitches. After 400+ plate appearances, the Mariners are batting almost .370 on first pitches. This is in line with the over .380 they batted last year on first pitches.

If the Mariners can go 16-11 in the month of August, it will set up for a fun month of September baseball in the AL West with all but 3 of their games against inter division opponents. The Astro’s will be the run away winners of the division but there will be fight for the wild card spot and I expect another AL West team to be right there for it. I hope it is the Mariners and we are watching meaningful baseball in October.

SoDo Mojo.

Photo from The Seattle Times


Topic: Departures from OSU Football Team

Topic: Departures from OSU Football Team

By Con/PNW Sports Fans

Some people in recent days seem like they are pulling a Hugh Freeze and calling random numbers in panic mode for the amount of attrition that is happening with the Oregon State football team.

We here at PNW are here to tell you, stay the course! We have never seen a program ran more efficiently or professionally than Gary Andersen runs this program. Sure the loss of Issac Garcia, once a USC commit is a bummer, but he represented POTENTIAL NOT PRODUCTION.

Other players that have left a la, Hunter Jarmon, possible Ricky Luichian, Adley Rutschman, Joah Robinett, Kenny Turnier, etc. represent a few things.

Rutschman is obviously an anomaly as one of the best catching prospects in the nation for baseball. That is to be expected.

The others, represent a shift in culture that we think is positive. Gone are the days in the Riley era where you were a program guy, 5th year senior, senior walk on, etc. and instantly received a starting spot. Gone are the days where in our eyes some players just received pity. Gone are the days where our offensive line are 4/5 ths walk ons. Riley and Andersen run two distinctively different programs.

Prime example: Kyle Peko.

Riley: knows Peko has academic issues, weird situation, constantly tells the media "we'll see." Says "I don't know" a lot. Never gives solid answer in fall camp about him.
Result: doesn't play. Peko gets out of shape.

Andersen: knows Peko has academic issues and according to our sources addresses it day one. Gets Peko private tutor, sets up meetings with three different academic advisors to make sure he gets eligible by Fall. Says "Kyle must take care of classroom."
Says: "He will play this fall"
Result: plays and makes immediate impact. In shape and all.

I have never seen a coach in Andersen, use the system more in regards to roster moves.

Example: Noah Togai medical redshirt. This would have never happened in Riley era.

Example: Mason Moran position change. Kyle White position change. And every other position change. Both players were NEVER going to even get practice reps at QB and RB respectively. Instead of the usual Riley thing to do of just having the player "grind it out" and lose interest in the program, Andersen challenged each player to switch in order to get on the field and make an impact. Seth Collins anybody??

Andersen does NOT waste scholarships. He wants every single one to count. Not only that but like Riley he cares about his players. Every player that we have talked to says that. From walk ons to starters. Andersen treats them like men and professionals with being honest at the same time.

A lot is being made about the Oregon **cks recruiting efforts down south. Does not phase us whatsoever because Andersen wants who he wants and more importantly wants players who want to make an impact on his program and are passionate about football. He doesn't waste his time with the pre madona high school worship me mentality of 90% of recruits. He brings in competition constantly from the JC ranks in order to in his words "compete for starting spots" and sometimes that will weed out the players listed in the beginning of this article who flinch at that. If players are flinching at a little internal roster competition, how will they do in the 4th quarter of the civil war?

Example of this: Jamire Calvin last years recruiting class. A flip flopper and academic issue. Committed once, then wavered for attention, Andersen pulled his scholarship.

Uncle Willie would have bent over backwards and braught in Uncle Phil but would have ended up with a guy who flinches in the 4th quarter… who would you rather have?

First Look: OSU pre fall Roster

First Look: OSU pre fall Roster

By Con/PNW Sports Fans

First look roster:

1. Austin Hudson (safety transfer) has 2 years eligibility. Was supposed to be grad transfer. Gary always comes through with the little things.

2. BJ Baylor running back looks big. Looks like he has body to compete right away but with OSU plethora of running backs will probably redshirt

3. Calvin Tyler. He is 5'8" 192. Running back that is already thicker than Storm Woods senior year. Gary keep this going.

4. Jeffrey Manning was going to play CB. Now playing at Safety. I like it.

5. Ricky Liuchan is now 6'1" and 264… That is a big man. Now listed at DE. Came in as a semi hyped outside linebacker from Riley. Been buried on depth chart sense.

6. Isaac Garcia now on roster. He was a 4 star. Original USC commit. Defensive end that could be long term star. With Gary publicly calling out defensive line, look for Garcia to get some early looks in camp.

7. Onesiumus Clark from Hawaii looks big but not overweight. He is a true frosh. 6'4" 340… college ready body that again could get reps if injuries take toll on starters.

8. Adley Rutschman no longer our kicking specialist. This makes us hear at PNW sad. We loved Adleys intensity and incredible leg on kickoffs and onside kick ability.

9. We are going back to Mitch Siingler days with about 5 walk on scrub receivers who are going to get cracked over the middle. How hard is it to get athletes at receiver? With our young guns in the mix, I expect this number to dwindle.

10. On the same note, this has not been talked about but Timmy Hernandez got hurt significantly in spring. I have not heard one mention of him by anybody all pre season. I'm worried. Something to keep an eye on.

Overall, no major surprises. This is Gary's bread and butter that he consistently gets most of his recruits in school and on track. Doesn't let many slip through the cracks.

Go Beavs. 34-24

College World Series

College World Series

By Braught / PNW Sports Fans

The Beavers are back in Omaha for the College World Series again after going on tear through their Regional and Super Regional. The Beavers are 5-0 in the postseason, having beat their opponents by a combined score of 44-9. The last time Oregon State was in Omaha was 2013, when Mississippi State knocked them out in the semi-finals and Michael Conforto would prove to me that not only was his bat worth the 10th overall pick in the following year’s draft, so was his arm. In game 1, Mississippi State hit a routine fly ball to LF and they sent their runner from 3rd. Conforto’s throw beat the runner by about three steps. Also on that 2013 team was Max Engelbrekt, who will be making his second appearance in Omaha.

No disrespect to Vanderbilt, who I thought was one of the better teams in the field but awaiting the Beavers in Omaha are far tougher opponents. Five of the national seeds advanced to Omaha, the most since 2011 and the 7 other teams went 35-4 in the Regional and Super Regional’s. One of two teams not to sweep their Super Regional, is the Beavers first opponent in Game 1 of the CWS, Cal State Fullerton.

Cal State has gone 34-21 and come out of the Big West Conference. They had an impressive sweep of Stanford in the Trees own Regional before going to Long Beach State where they took 2 of 3. (Side note: Cal State lost game one to Darren McCaughan and his flow, who threw a gem of a 2 hitter and has been drafted in the 17th Rd by the Mariners) Cal State is led by Zach Weisz and Scott Hurst who each carry an OPS over 1.0 and anchor their OF. Connor Seabold is their ace, who comes in with 120 K’s in 120 IP. He does have an OBA over .260, so he is hittable. Both Connor and Scott were taken in the third round of the draft this last week.

The other two teams on the Beavers side of the bracket are Florida State and LSU who both bring potent offenses. Florida State is also led by two 3rd round draft picks in SS switch hitting Taylor Walls and 3B Dylan Busby. Walls is a disciplined hitter with 63 walks this year while Busby brings the power with 14 homers and 62 RBI’s. FSU showed grit and pitching depth after dropping game one of their own regional and winning it out of the loser bracket.

Like the Beavs, the LSU Tigers bring in their own long winning streak, 16 games. I think LSU is the next best team in the tournament. Team ace, Alex Lange has 134 K’s in 113 IP and was selected in the 1st round of the draft. Their up the middle combo of Cole Freeman and Kramer Robertson were each taken in the 4th rd of the draft and bring experience to the table as seniors who have been to Omaha, in 2015. And lastly, there is the Tigers baseball destroyer of a RF, Greg Deichmann who has hit .320 this year with an OPS of 1.035 and 19 home runs.

We all know what the Beavers bring to Omaha. Their determination after being snubbed last year, the nations leading ERA, timely hitting, and only 4 losses on the year! I will not make too many assumptions on what Pat will do with the pitching rotation but I will assume that Jake will throw game one. If he is able to replicate what he has been doing all year, the Beavs should be in good position to make it out of Saturday unscathed.

Game 1 of the CWS will be played at noon Saturday on ESPN.

Go Beavs!


Beavs one step away from CWS.

By Andy / PNW Sports Fans

You would’ve thought Holy Cross and Yale were made of wood the way Oregon State chewed through last weekend’s regional. The Beavers left little doubt in all three games winning by a combined total of 27-3. The pitching was for the most part outstanding once again but perhaps more impressive were the bats. The Beavs showed the ability to to score runs in bunches and found themselves ahead early and often.

This weekend presents a different challenge. Oregon State wont be facing Holy Cross or Yale this time around. Instead it will be SEC power Vanderbilt visiting Goss Stadium for the Super Regional. The Commodores are 36-23-1 but have faced a rigorous schedule including having to beat Clemson twice to earn a trip to Corvallis.

Vanderbilt faced a lot of strong competition in the SEC and their fans aren’t afraid to let you know about it.  I’m sure they respect the Beavers and what they have accomplished this season, but I certainly get the sense that they don’t fully buy the hype. There’s no doubt Oregon State will need to play some of its best baseball of the season if they have any hope of punching a ticket to Omaha.

The talented Commodores have two outstanding pitchers of their own including  Kyle Wright, who many think could be the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming 2017 MLB draft. Vanderbilt compliments its pitching staff with a lineup that possesses some serious power, tallying a ridiculous 50 home runs.

Obviously the Beavers will be facing stiffer competition this weekend, but they should be able to take care of a streaky Vanderbilt team. My Vandy counterparts will certainly disagree and probably rebuttal by saying the SEC was far superior to the PAC 12 this season. After all, I can’t argue with the fact that there are six teams representing the SEC in the Super Regionals. But still, it’s not like the SEC is the MLB and the PAC 12 is a Single A short season division. Oh and let’s remember that the PAC-12 actually has 17 College World Series Titles compared to the SEC’s 10. Sure the Beavers might have lost a few more games had they faced Vanderbilt’s schedule, but 52-4 is no fluke. Aside from that I can pretty much guarantee this OSU squad wouldn’t drop two of three to Cal State Northridge or lose a game to Tennessee Tech. At the end of the day 52-4 is a far cry from 36-23-1 no matter what conference the teams play in.

I’m not saying Vanderbilt is a slouch. I actually think they are a really good team that is getting hot at the right time. As I stated before, OSU will need to play some of its best baseball to date if they want to move on. Yes, Vanderbilt is a formidable foe, but I also believe in the body of work this Oregon State team has put together. They have answered the bell at every checkpoint throughout this historical season and I don’t think they will cower in fear this weekend. When the Beavers take the field this Friday they’ll be focused on one singular thought. . . Omaha or bust!

Go Beavs!

Road to Omaha starts Friday night

Road to Omaha starts Friday night

By Andy / PNW Sports Fans

Here we are. After a historic run through the regular season, Oregon State Baseball finally gets the opportunity to play for keeps. As great as this season has been thus far, things are just getting started. Tomorrow night we will get to see what kind of team Oregon State really has as pressure and expectations reach an all time high.

Monday it was announced that the Beavers would be the number 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament and as such, would host a regional in Corvallis.  Both of these things were a bit of a forgone conclusion, but now they’ve officially been cemented in reality.

The Beavers will play host to Nebraska, Yale, and Holy Cross for the weekend. Following Nebraska and Yale at 1pm on Friday, Oregon State will get its postseason started by matching up with Holy Cross for an 8pm nightcap on ESPNU.

On paper, OSU looks well equipped to handle this regional. Even so, we know that seeding and talent means very little at this point in the season. It was just three short years ago that Oregon State found itself in this exact same position but ended up getting bounced from their own regional.  This should serve as a reminder to this year’s squad of how things can get away from you in a hurry.

One night you’re up on the parking garage with your buddies and  some banquets watching the Beavs win,  and the next you’re getting your heart ripped out at the hands of UC Irvine. Sometimes Summer dreams can be crushed before they even have a chance to be realized. But that’s enough of my sob story. Let’s take a look at the gauntlet the Beavers will have to survive this time around.

Nebraska was a team OSU saw down in Arizona in February and frankly dominated, winning the first game 10-1 and the second 5-2. However, February was a long time ago and this Nebraska team has only gotten better. Yale is a pesky team and is riding the momentum of their first postseason appearance since 1993. Timely hitting and solid play in the field makes them a tough out. Similarly, Holy Cross is excited to end a postseason drought of their own as they qualified for the tournament for the first time since 1978. Though they have a losing record overall, they played good enough ball to win their conference tournament and feel as if they have nothing to lose. As we know, teams with nothing to lose are pretty scary.

They say history tends to repeat itself. While that may be true I think Oregon State will head into the weekend better prepared than in 2014. This year’s team certainly shouldn’t take anything for granted and I’m sure the coaching staff will have them locked in well before the first pitch. I think the Beavers will show up ready to play Friday night.

The team has played with a sense of urgency all year long and I don’t see that changing. Aside from that, they’ve proven they can perform well under pressure. Don’t let the 49-4 record fool you, this team had its share of adversity. There were several games that had to be pulled from the fire in the waning moments throughout the season. The Beavers continually found ways to win whether it be with hitting, pitching or fielding. Look at the best teams in any sport. They usually aren’t great because they steamroll every opponent (though OSU has done plenty of that too) but rather they are great because they have incredible resolve and find ways to win games even when it’s not their best day. The Beavers have shown that quality time and time again this season and that’s why I think they really have a chance to make a run.

At the end of the day, Oregon State has a pitching staff that has more talent and depth than any other team in this regional or the country for that matter. This is a starting rotation and bullpen that gives the team a great back bone when it comes to tournament time. OSU has 6 or 7 guys that are starter quality. If that doesn’t give you confidence the Beavers also possess fantastic position players and appear to be looking close to 100 percent healthy heading into the postseason. This team isn’t just built around one or two great players. They have incredible depth and that’s what often leads teams to Omaha.

Yes, nothing is given at this point in the journey. But this weekend the Beavers will have the opportunity to go out and prove why they are the top seed. Corvallis will be buzzing, and if all goes right, they’ll stay right at home in the Willamette Valley for the Super Regional.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Until then, crack a cold one, and Go Beavs!


Beaver Baseball heads into final weekend of regular season on historic rampage.

Beaver Baseball heads into final weekend of regular season on historic rampage.

By Andy / PNW Sports Fans

I know most Beaver fans, including myself believed the baseball team would have a great season in 2017. The combination of immense talent, incredible coaching, and the bitter taste of 2016 made a strong season almost a forgone conclusion.

But nobody saw this coming. Nobody could have predicted the team would be heading into memorial weekend with a 45-4 record, having already clinched a Pac-12 title nearly two weeks ago. The Beavs haven’t dropped a series since last season and went 27-3 in the Pac 12.

What’s transpired this season is downright insane. The fact that Oregon State has lost just four games the entire year is other worldly. The 23 game winning streak was wild enough, but at this point it seems puzzling that the Beavers have dropped any games this season. In fact, the team is currently riding a twelve game winning streak headed into the final weekend of regular season play.

We’ve seen some incredible teams grace the diamond at Coleman Field over the years, but this current team seems to have something a little extra special. They’ve won a ton of close games, and they’ve also dominated games. They’ve won with outstanding pitching, but they’ve also shown they can put up plenty of runs. There have been walk-offs and run aways, pitching duels and high scoring affairs, defensive clinics and offensive showcases. Through it all the Beavers have proven they are a team of championship pedigree. This team simply refuses to accept defeat and it’s that very trait that could take them to Omaha.

No, I’m not crowning them prematurely. In fact I’ll come right out and say if this team fails to make the College World Series it will certainly feel like a disappointment and a lost opportunity. This program knows the sting of falling short of big aspirations. Losing the regional as the top overall seed in 2014 was a tough pill to swallow. So again the purpose of this isn’t to anoint a team long before its goals are realized, but rather admire what they’ve accomplished over the course of a historic regular season.

I mean you’ve got to stop and at least appreciate the fact that the team has a collective 1.87 ERA. That shouldn’t even be possible. It’s been an incredible ride thus far and it should get more fun with every pitch going forward. No matter what happens this weekend with a less than stellar Abilene Christian team (13-39/3-27) the Beavers are all but guaranteed the top overall seed and a route to Omaha that will run through Corvallis. We’ve still got a long way to go before we can start reminiscing about how truly special this season has been, but until then I’m going to appreciate and enjoy what has been a historically dominant rampage through the regular season.

In case you aren’t enjoying this enough please refer to what I wrote a year ago and be thankful for where the team is at now.

Man it’s fun to have a program like this.

Go Beavs!